Portable disinfection spray against virus HK-907


Specification for a portable disinfecting spray for the H-907 virus

Model: HK – 907

Size: 94*265 mm

Weight: 335 grams

Battery: Mach 1400

Power: 6 w

Capacity: 250 ml

Application: home, hotel, office, etc

What is the function of a portable disinfecting spray against the H-907 virus?

1.Make your own disinfectant for 5 minutes.

2. Natural, no harm to human body.

3. Small size, suitable for family use.

4. The sterilization rate reached 99%

5. Easy to operate, just boil salt and water can produce disinfectant water.

6. Multi-functional use, can spray disinfectant on furniture, table, pet, car and so on, the whole family health care


What are the characteristics of the hazards of portable disinfectants to HK-907 virus?

1. It makes disinfecting water very easy and safe

2.It can make disinfectant in 5 minutes

3.You can make disinfectant at home

4. The concert can be adjusted according to your requirements

Why we say it is easy to make the disinfectant water ?

Why we say the disinfectant spary against virus HK-907 is portable?

What is the package of the disinfectant spary against virus HK-907?

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